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hybrid urbanities

je 60 cm x 90 cm

hybrid urbanities - fragments of the global city

im Rahmen der Ausstellungen
Austria la vista, Baby, The Art Foundation, Athen, 2010
Structures of Radicality, Open Space Wien, 2008
Syndrom, Temporary Project Space, Antwerpen, 2006

hybrid urbanities - fragments of the global city analyzes urban developments and structures in today’s Global Cities. In the centre of interest lie the contradictions and disturbing encounters with and within newly implanted first world-structures into third world countries. The clash of such economic processes with traditional structures and lifestyles can be observed in the conflicts between corporate multinational companies and local economies/grey markets, gated communities and traditional housing/slums, copyrights and recycling culture, shopping malls and traditional bazaars and many others.
The choice of images from the unstable border zones between globalisation and local traditions show an alternative representation of global urbanity: fragmented places full of contradictions. This idea is enforced by the text fragments in the paintings which are very dense and concise. Both text and images are presented in a highly reduced way, thus pointing to the image of new global pictograms and a new urban sign language.
The arrangement of the various single elements is flexible and corresponds to the ever changing and moving cities, giving different views on the global city and taking on new meaning in varying situations and contexts.

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